WA Adult Literacy Council (WAALC)

Report to ACAL Executive

October 2005




The membership trend over the last 5 years has declined each year, except for 2004/5 when the membership for the year was included in the WAALC Conference 2004 registration fee. The 2004/5 membership was up to 49 individuals and 4 organisations. For the current year, 2005/6, we have 18 financial members.  It is anticipated that a few more people will pay up before the end of the year.



Income from membership fees is reducing as membership declines.  For each of the last two years, expenditure has exceeded income.


Balance as at 30 June 2005 was $11,123.91


In 2004/5 the greatest expenditure was on Sponsorship to assist delegates for the ACAL National Conference - $2045.  In 2003-2004 the total amount spent on Sponsorship was $2894.  Of this total amount, $900 was allocated to sponsor to the WAALC State Conference in 2004.  The last State Conference was held in May 2004 and ran at a loss of $124.



Newsletter changed from hard copy to electronic format.  Issued bi-monthly.




Three individual delegates to the Connecting Voices Conference



·           New initiative: holding Professional Conversation events.  This was initiated at the AGM which was held at a restaurant and included a Guest Speaker (Aboriginal English) followed by an on-going, over-dinner conversation.  The next event is a Book Club, again meeting in a restaurant to discuss John Mighton’s  The Myth of Ability.

·           Supported the Connecting Voices conference in Melbourne: promotion, presentations, Scholarships for members

·           Provided input into the DEST consultations on the LLNP





·           On-going commitment of individuals

·           Committee members work roles mean that perspectives from a range of agencies are represented

·           Interest from members in becoming involved in national debates (eg staff skills)

·           Differentiation of roles (eg President is not a Departmental employee).



·           Small committee – all positions are not filled.

·           Very little renewal of committee members.

·           Everyone is really busy.

·           Declining membership

·           Declining revenue



·           Redesign the grass roots appeal

·           Foster relationship with Aboriginal English Project Team

·           Explore opportunities to use the Literacy Live meeting room for professional conversations



No viable financial base exists except for our efforts in organising conferences.  There are a number of state conferences that compete with our events, reducing the numbers that can attend.  The workload of organising large events is daunting for a small committee.  Unless alternate methods of generating income and membership is identified, we will need to continue to be very strategic about the issues we address.



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