e-WAALC NEWS August 2010

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1) Message from our Chairperson

2) WAALC scholarship to ACAL conference

3) Incorporating LLN in Community Services Training Package

4) Social capital approach in the teaching of adult literacy and numeracy

5) Results of WAALC AGM

6) Cert IV TAE equivalency to TAA04 and BSZ98

7) User Guide for TAE70110 and TAE80110

8) Productivity commission investigate VET staffing

9) OzRead and Spell

10) Inviting new members

11) Issues? Contributions?

12) Contacts’ update


1. Message from our Chairperson

Welcome to a new year in WAALC and lots of new faces.

My background in education has been in the primary sector with a stint overseas training Chinese teachers to implement new strategies to teach English. In this past year, I have had the privilege to work with Maxine Tomlin in Indigenous education and training. Her passion in this area has driven me to extend my knowledge in ways that were previously hindered by the confines of the primary sector.

I hope in this role I am able to bring new initiatives that promote and support the valuable contributions that all members bring in the area of adult literacy. I am excited by the commitment and integrity I see displayed by WAALC members and look forward to working with you.

Joan Campbell



2. WAALC scholarship to ACAL conference

WAALC has granted support to two members to attend the annual ACAL conference in Darwin. Mary Walsh and Pam Bettison have been awarded a $500 scholarship to assist with their costs. There are still two more scholarships available. If you want to attend Hands up… Hands on… see website for more information. The first members who apply will be granted the scholarship, if they have paid their membership fees for the new financial year.


3. Incorporating LLN in Community Services Training Package

Following scoping research, the Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council (CS&HISC) is undertaking national consultation forums and an online survey to obtain industry feedback on draft additions and changes to the Community Services Training Package (CHC08) to incorporate LLN competency. The draft changes are targeting volunteer tutors who provide adult LLN support, and the skills needs of workers in community services who work with clients with low LLN skills.

A draft is available at current projects at https://www.cshisc.com.au/


4. Social capital approach in the teaching of adult literacy and numeracy

NCVER have released a new publication Bringing a social capital approach into the teaching of adult literacy and numeracy: Good practice guide. This guide is based on research by Jo Balatti, Steve Black and Ian Falk, who examined how adult literacy and numeracy education and training can be delivered using a social capital approach. The guide describes strategies to assist vocational education and training (VET) practitioners to adopt this type of approach to their teaching, particularly the teaching of literacy and numeracy.



5. Results of WAALC AGM

The 2010 Annual General Meeting concluded the WAALC forum on July 6th. The AGM was well attended and we were pleased to have Geri Pancini as ACAL president present.

There was an excellent response to the call for nominations for positions on the executive. We –have a new chairperson (Joan Campbell) and vice chairperson (Mary Walsh) and several new members of the executive. Cheryl Wiltshire has taken on the role of secretary and Stephanie Mitchell continues as treasurer. Margaret McHugh has returned to the role of ACAL representative after her stint as ACAL President. See website for full list of current executive.

Thank you to all outgoing executive members for your contributions over the years. A special thanks to Helen Grimston, WAALC life member, and up until this past year, treasurer for as many years as we can remember. Thanks also to Sue McKay, Melissa Jones and Anne Willox, all of whom have undertaken responsibilities as office holders.


6. Cert IV TAE equivalency to TAA04 and BSZ98

The National Quality Council (NQC) secretariat notified stakeholders on July 7th of the NQC decision on benchmarks for AQTF trainer and assessor competencies which requires trainers to hold TAE10 Certificate IV or equivalent by June 2012. See http://www.nqc.tvetaustralia.com.au/

Innovation and Business Skills Australia (IBSA) recommends all RTOs and current holders of TAA04 and BSZ98 qualifications note that the new policy includes provision for trainers and assessors to ‘demonstrate equivalent competencies’. In other words, it is not the NQC’s intention to require trainers and assessors to upgrade their formal qualifications if they are able to demonstrate they have gained the required competencies through continued professional practice.

This news has special relevance to teachers who teach adult literacy and general education courses. Due to the many areas of professional development needed to support the huge range of needs adults bring to these courses, it is particularly important time is not wasted repeating equivalent training at a lower level. WAALC hopes that no one who holds the earlier Certificate IV training and assessment qualifications will be required to enroll for this new credential, even through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).


7. User Guide for TAE70110 and TAE80110

Innovation and Business Skills Australia (IBSA) have produced a user guide for the new Vocational Graduate Certificate in LLN Practice and Vocational Graduate Diploma in LLN Leadership. It is largely a guide to preparation for RPL. See http://www.ibsa.org.au/news-and-projects/


8. Productivity commission investigate VET staffing

Australian Government Productivity Commission is conducting an enquiry into the Education and Training Workforce and has a specific enquiry into Vocational Education and Training. See http://www.pc.gov.au/projects/study/education-workforce/vocational


9. OzRead and Spell

These short cartoon literacy videos now on YouTube were first designed for failing learners who were not helped by conventional methods. These learners suffered no further hurt to their egos if they did not like them - but in fact evaluations showed that everybody learned something they did not know from them. It shows how the written language is linked with the spoken language. It demonstrates HOW TO learn, to help you understand spelling and a quick way to learn to read. http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=ozread&aq=f A full account of the rationale and research basis is in the article Take Home Video for Adult Literacy, UN International Review of Education, 42.1-3,1, 87-203, 1996, and at http://home.vicnet.net.au/~ozideas/v01litselfhelp.htm See also http://home.vicnet.net.au/~ozideas/literacy.htm


10. Inviting new members

Who do you know that might be interested in WAALC activities? Forward this newsletter to colleagues who you think should be a member of WAALC. Or perhaps invite a prospective member to attend events like our conference and AGM to meet other members. We encourage all adult literacy and numeracy practitioners in WA to join WAALC now and be part of the renewed national action to have literacy embedded in adult learning at all levels.


11. Issues? Contributions?

WAALC seeks to represent all adult educators who deliver adult literacy and numeracy programs in Western Australia. Let us know if there are issues that you think WAALC should take action on, or news to include in future newsletters. Vacancies, projects, new resources for sale or requests for input into decision making are all sought.

We would like to profile the work of members in each issue. If you are willing to write a short article telling us a little about an interesting element of your adult literacy role, please let us know.


12. ‘Contacts’ update

Let us know if your address changes. If you don't want to receive this newsletter or wish to suspend it while you are away on leave, please email the WAALC secretary, info@waalc.org.au


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