e-WAALC NEWS March 2009

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1)     Welcome to 2009

2)     Call for papers – From Strength to Strength

3)     Conference planning session – 12th March 2009

4)     Loss of funds for the Adult Literacy National Project

5)    Fine Print  - Special Student Writing Edition

6)     New NCVER wiki

7)             Numeracy resources

8)      Inviting new members

9)      Issues? Contributions?

10)    ‘Contacts’ update


1.  Welcome to 2009

Hopefully most of you managed to have a break over the festive season and are ready to face the challenges of the year ahead.  2009 will be a busy year for WAALC with our main focus being the ACAL conference.

The conference will be held at the Esplanade Hotel in Fremantle on 1-3 October, 2009.  The theme of the conference is From Strength to Strength.

Information on the conference is available on our new look website www.waalc.org.au and you can register your interest to ensure you get regular updates on the conference.

The coordinating committee for the conference is headed by our ACAL representative Cheryl Wiltshire. If you would like to be involved in this very exciting project please contact Cheryl (Tel: 08 9264 4639).  In particular we are looking for expertise in promotions, social events and sponsorship.

Another major issue for WAALC and the well being of literacy is the loss of funds for the Adult Literacy National Project In December of last year. More about this and how you can help later in this Newsletter.

Sue McKay



2.  Call for papers – From Strength to Strength

The call for papers for the 2009 ACAL conference is now open.  We invite all members to help create an exciting program.  Think about who you would most like to hear from and invite them personally to submit a presentation.  We represent a diverse sector and need a wide range of different types of sessions to meet the needs of delegates.

We invite you to think about presentations that fulfil the purposes of celebrating our strengths, safeguarding our heritage and building for the future.  The theme From Strength to Strength invites presenters to focus on what our sector offers that is positive and affirming of what learners bring.  See http://www.waalc.org.au/09conf/index.htm for further information about the conference.


3. Conference planning session – 12th March 2009

Holding the national ACAL conference in WA is a big event for the local adult literacy field.  If you would like to contribute to the success of this occasion, please join us at 5.00 pm on Thursday March 12th 2009 in Room 16 151 Royal Street.

 We will share some delicious finger food and spend a hour or two working together to create a memorable event.  RSVP Cheryl Wiltshire 92644639.


4.   Loss of funds for the Adult Literacy National Project

In December, funds that used to be dedicated to the Adult Literacy National Project were transferred to State budgets.  This means that there is no national funding available for the Reading and Writing Hotline, Adult Literacy Innovative Projects and for ACAL to publish the journal Literacy Link.  These services will be very expensive to replicate state by state.

ACAL has succeeded in having the loss of these services bought to the attention of decision makers and we hope that at least the Reading Writing Hotline might be rescued.   Watch the ACAL website for further developments.

How can you help? Will you help us lobby for adult literacy and numeracy to be on the national agenda and considered by the Coalition of Australian Governments (COAG), and the Social Inclusion Agenda?   Or do you know students who used the Reading Writing Hotline putting learners in choose your program? Or do you have other ideas? If so, please contact WAALC by any of the methods listed at the end of the newsletter.  


5. Numeracy resources

Noyona Chandra, adult numeracy specialist from London South Bank University spoke on 'Strategies and resources for developing language for maths learning' at a workshop in Melbourne as part of the Victorian Adult Literacy and Basic Education Council Victorian Adult Literacy and Basic Education Council (VALBEC) Spring Forum last year.  Noyona left copies of her resources for teachers to use.  You can download them at http://www.valbec.org.au/08SprForum/08SpForumactivities.htm

Topics included in the resource material are:

Using negative numbers


Standard form

Data sorting






Shapes and solids


6. Fine Print  - Special Student Writing Edition

The summer edition of VALBEC's journal Fine Print is devoted to students and teachers writing about their learning, teaching and life experiences. The themes and writing will provide stimulus and interest for students in a wide range of classroom settings.  Available in class sets of 10 copies for $35 or separate copies can be purchased for $5 per copy, including postage and GST (within Australia). Payment or purchase order is required in advance. Only available while stocks last.

Go tohttp://www.valbec.org.au and follow the links to see some extracts and get purchase details.


7. New NCVER wiki

Generating and sharing ideas within the adult language, literacy and numeracy community is the aim of new new 'wiki' developed by the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER).

http://www.adultliteracyresource.edu.au  brings together key messages from the Adult Literacy Research Program (ALRP), a comprehensive body of research that explores a wide range of literacy and numeracy topics.


8. Inviting new members

Who do you know that should be a WAALC member?  You are welcome to forward this newsletter to colleagues who you think should be a member of WAALC.  Or perhaps invite a prospective member to attend events like our conference and AGM to meet other members.   We encourage all adult literacy and numeracy practitioners in WA to join WAALC now and be part of the renewed national action to have literacy be embedded in the Social Inclusion Agenda.


9. Issues? Contributions?

WAALC seeks to represent all adult educators who deliver adult literacy and numeracy programs in Western Australia.  If there are issues that you think WAALC should take action on, let us know. 


10. ‘Contacts’ update

Let us know if your address changes.  If you don't want to receive this newsletter or wish to suspend it while you are away on leave, please email the WAALC secretary, Sheila Rod [sherod_au@yahoo.com.au].


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