e-WAALC NEWS April 2008

e-WAALC News is the electronic newsletter of the Western Australian Adult Literacy Council.

The WAALC Executive Committee prepares and sends e-WAALC News to members four or five times a year.  We welcome your comments, suggestions, and contributions to the newsletter.

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1)       NEWSFLASH! Speaker and Dinner Tuesday

2)      A message from the chairperson

3)      WAALC 2008 Conference - Call for Papers

4)      Training Forum - Early bird registrations

5)      VALBEC Conference - Early bird registrations

6)      ACAL Conference - - Call for Papers

7)      ALA Conference- Call for Papers

8)      CGEA Network Google Group update

9)       ‘Contacts’ update

10)   Unsubscribe?

11)    Issues? Contributions?

12)   New members?

1. NEWSFLASH! Speaker and dinner Tuesday 

We have an exciting opportunity to hear from one of the speakers from last year’s ACAL conference. Dr Chris Holland is visiting from New Zealand and has accepted an invitation to address the WAALC Executive during our meeting Tuesday night (tomorrow April 8th 2008). All WAALC members are welcome to attend her presentation from 6.00 -7.00 pm and join us for dinner afterwards in Northbridge for a more informal discussion. The Executive meeting will be held from 5.00 to 6.00 pm: you are welcome to attend that as well if you wish.

Between 1994 and 2001, Dr Chris Holland was the professional development manager / associate director of The Network in the UK, a national, DfES-funded agency based at Lancaster University, for providers and practitioners of workplace language, literacy and numeracy. From 2002, Chris designed and taught distance and face-to-face post-graduate teacher education programmes in workplace literacy in the UK, New Zealand and more recently, Canada. Now working as an independent consultant, Chris is establishing workplace literacy clusters for the New Zealand Ministry of Education’s Learning for Living project, and is the literacy advisor for the NZCTU, with particular responsibility for research and union Learning Representative training. (see Literacy Link March 2007)

Time:                    Tuesday 8th April 2008 6.00 pm

Location:             Room W512, Central TAFE, 25 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge
Take the lifts to the fifth floor and turn right as you leave the lift –W512 means West Wing, Fifth Floor, Room 12 

Send a message to 0437 972 043 (Voicemail or SMS) or email c.l.wiltshire@gmail.com if you plan to attend.

2. A message from the chairperson

Apologies for the delay in getting this first newsletter out to you for 2008.  It is packed with conferences which will interest members.  Get out your diaries and decide which ones you would like to present at or to attend. And don’t forget to share what you learn in the process by writing a brief report for eWAALC News.

The executive is busy with planning for our own conference in July.  As a result of feedback from previous conferences, we will try a two day event this year.  We hope you will support it by seeking presenters that interest you and encouraging them to present, by offering your own input through presentations, and by coming along to as much of the conference as you can manage and contributing to the sessions as a delegate.  See the next item for details of the call for papers.

If you would like to help even more directly, I invite you to take up one of the vacancies on the executive. Paul Barnes is taking some time off to study and his energy and enthusiasm will be sorely missed in the lead up to this year’s conference.  If you would like to see whether your skills would fit, give me a call on 9593 2124. This is a good way to check out whether WAALC executive work suits you. Your term would only be until the Annual General Meeting at the conference in July.  If you enjoy it, you can nominate for a position at the AGM for the whole of next year.  Members from outside the metropolitan area can participate in our face to face meetings by telephone and alternate meetings are web-conferenced using Literacy Live.  New members are welcome to join the executive.

 Sue McKay

                                                                                                                                                             WAALC Chairperson


3. WAALC 2008 Conference Call for papers

Adults Only. A Conference for Adult Educators: Issues for today’s adult literacy learning  Central TAFE Perth July 17/18 2008

The theme of the conference focuses on what it means for adults when they decide to increase the basket of literacy and numeracy skills that they can draw on while fulfilling their many adult roles.  We recognise that adults’ literacy is critical for the healthy development and education of children.  Adolescents often find new impetus for learning when they transfer to an adult literacy context.  As a result, the conference will include a focus on building family capital and intergenerational learning as an important aspect of adult literacy.

WAALC is keen to explore questions such as

  • What are the critical issues that make literacy services work for adults today? How can we excite them?
  • Do adults want to improve their literacy? How do they want to do it? Can we give them what they want?
  • How do we address adult students’ needs and responsibilities that are so different from children’s needs?

If you would like to present a session at the Adults Only conference, please submit proposals by 1 May 2008 to sherod_au@yahoo.com.au or post to PO Box 6304, East Perth Business Centre, PERTH, WA, 6892.


4. VALBEC Conference - early bird registrations

Still glides the stream

William Angliss Conference Centre, corner La Trobe and King Sts, Melbourne Friday May 16

Still glides the stream is a motif for endurance that typifies the spirit, commitment and passion of VALBEC in its 30th year and provides the theme for their annual conference. The VALBEC conference will provide practitioners with a forum to explore new ideas and effective approaches to deal with changing student cohorts, challenging workplace conditions, variations in curriculum and compliance requirements.  Full session details http://www.valbec.org.au/conf08/sessiondetails.htm.

Early Bird Member Rate finishes on April 18, 2008.


5. ACAL Conference – Call for papers

Surfing Outside the Flags : catching waves, avoiding rips
2nd - 4th October 2008 Crowne Plaza, Surfers Paradise. 

The Australian Council of Adult Literacy (ACAL) conference this year has five themes:

·        • Indigenous literacy & numeracy

·        • Vocational & workplace literacy & numeracy

·        • Meeting the literacy & numeracy needs of African refugees

·        • Numeracy

·        • Community literacy

Papers are required by June 10th 2008. See the Conference website at http://www.astmanagement.com.au/qcal8/ for more details.


6. ALA conference – Call for papers

SOCIAL INCLUSION - Engaging the Disengaged through Life-Wide Learning
Fremantle, 30 October – 1 November.

Adult Learning Australia’s (ALA) encourages practitioners and researchers to submit outlines of papers and related workshops for their Conference on the major theme and the two related panel discussions:

·        'Where to' for Indigenous learning after the Apology?

·        How will Social Inclusion benefit the Australian economy?

Call for papers is open now.  Outlines of papers need to be submitted to m.brebner@ala.asn.au by Wednesday 30 April 2008. See http://www.ala.asn.au/ for more details.


7. Training Forum - early bird registrations

Training Forum 2008 Revolution or Evolution? Managing Change in the VET Sector, Burswood Entertainment Complex, Perth, 5/6 May, 2008.

The Department of Education and Training is once again organising this forum to provide professional development for practitioners, including trainers, lecturers, teachers, assessors and other Registered Training Organisation (RTO) staff involved in the planning, provision, delivery and assessment of VET.

Early Bird Registration closes 18 April 2008. See http://www.vetinfonet.det.wa.edu.au/home/ for details.


8. CGEA Network Google Group update

Since August 2007, the CGEA Network have used a new way to share ideas.  The CGEA Network Google Group provides an online location to share documents in any format as well as a discussion forum.

The group now has 84 members and nearly the same number have been invited and just need to activate their accounts.  Members have uploaded 39 documents.  Now that the new CGEA curriculum is being used across the state, questions are being raised and resolved almost daily.  The group also has added quite a few ideas about resources for teaching and learning over past weeks.

Along the way, we have discovered some limitations of the group.  The most annoying to me personally is that we can’t create folders or subgroups to make files about particular topics easier to find.  Adding new members has caused some headaches too.  Many a newbie has been confused by a misleading message telling them they are not a member when all they needed to do was sign in!  Some members have had trouble uploading documents and last week, some of our file uploads disappeared for a whole day.  

Despite the frustrations, it is great to have a way to share larger documents without needing to overload email boxes with things that not everyone wants.

If you want to have a look, ask a current member to invite you or go to  http://groups.google.com/group/CGEA-Network?hl=en and click on “Contact the owner to join”.

                                                                                                           Cheryl Wiltshire, CGEA State coordinator

                                                                                                                 Department of Education and Training


9. Unsubscribe?

If you don't want to receive this newsletter or wish to suspend it while you are away on leave, please email the WAALC secretary, Sheila Rod [sherod_au@yahoo.com.au].  Back issues will be available on the WAALC website for you to catch up when you return.


10. New members?

Who do you know that should be a WAALC member?  You are welcome to forward this newsletter to colleagues who you think should be a member of WAALC.  Or perhaps invite a prospective member to attend events like our conference to meet other members.


11. Issues? Contributions?

WAALC seeks to represent all adult educators who deliver adult literacy and numeracy programs in Western Australia.  If there are issues that you think WAALC should take action on, let us know. 

Contributions to this newsletter are very welcome.  Good news, bad news, whatever you think others might want to know, send it in! 

Members are especially invited to submit a piece about their practice for our Teachers Talk segment.


12. ‘Contacts’ update

Let us know if your address changes through one of the contact methods listed below. 


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