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1)     Amessage from the Chairperson

2)    WAALCAGM report

3)    Nextcommittee meeting

4)    ACAL2008 Conference ‘Surfingoutside the flags: catching waves, avoiding rips’

5)     DETsponsorship for ACAL conference

6)    ACALLiteracy Live Room Tuesday 19th August at 8pm

7)     Developmentof the Western Australian Adult Community Education Strategy: 2009 - 2013

8)    Unsubscribe?

9)    Newmembers?

10)  Issues?Contributions?

11)  Contacts’ update


1. A message from the chairperson

Adults Only.  A Conference for Adult Educators:

Issuesfor today’s adult literacy learning was the theme for the 2008 WAALCconference., and although we extended this year’s conference to two days, itstill seemed as if there was just not enough hours to explore the many issuesraised.


We were givensignificant insights into the literacy, numeracy and problem solving skills ofadult Australians and the impact that their skill levels have on theirparticipation in the labour force and the wider community. 


Feedbackfrom both delegates and presenters has been very positive.  Thanks to everyone who gave of theirtime and expertise to ensure a successful conference.


Sue McKay, WAALCChairperson


2. WAALC AGM report

The Annual General Meeting is scheduled aspart of the conference.  Officebearers nominated were Chairperson Sue McKay, Secretary Sheila Rod, TreasurerHelen Grimston and ACAL rep Cheryl Wiltshire. General committee membersre-nominating were Lesley Gilmour, Margaret McHugh, Melissa Jones, ClaireAnderson, Anne Willox.  Two newmembers elected were Dianne Henderson and Helena Zielinksa.  All positions were filled without therequirement for an election.

The meeting approved the changed constitutionto include a clause regarding replacement of vacancies on the executive withoutamendment.


3. Next committee meeting

The next committee meeting is scheduled forAugust 16 at Centacare in Wellington Street starting at 10.00 am sharp.  It will include a planning session forthe work required in the year ahead and will conclude at 2.00 pm.  All WAALC members are welcome to attendif willing to contribute to the year’s work.


4. ACAL Conference 2008 • ‘Surfing outsidethe flags: catching waves, avoiding rips’

Surfers Paradise  October 2 to 4, 2008.                  Early bird registrations close August 19

Register online http://www.astmanagement.com.au/qcal8/

The Pre-ConferenceForum on Thursday 2 October will be titled “Adult literacy, numeracy andlifelong learning: a cross-sectoral dialogue”. Join Senator Ursula Stephens(Parliamentary Secretary for Social Inclusion) and Dave Tout (CAE)) inexamining the implications of the ALLS survey for different sectors and worktowards developing a framework for social inclusion through building literacyinto a whole of government approach to policy development.


5. DET sponsorship for ACALconference

The Departmentof Education and Training has a scholarship fund for adult literacypractitioners to attend relevant professional development events like the ACALconference.  Due to the expectedpopularity of this event, a closing date has been advertised for sponsorshipapplications which is next Thursday 14 August 14th  Pleasesubmit an application on the form provided to Becky on rebecca.willock@det.wa.edu.au

Applicationforms are available  by contactingBecky on 92644618 or on VETInfoNet: http://www.vetinfonet.det.wa.edu.au/adultliteracy/ProfDev.aspx    


6. ACAL Literacy Live Room Tuesday19th August at 8pm

Aboriginal Literacy: Bridging the Distance toLearning • A Snapshot from Canada

The Sioux Hudson Literacy Council is makinggroundbreaking strides to reach adult Aboriginal learners who reside in 35remote, isolated communities of Northwestern Ontario, Canada, often onlyaccessible by plane in the summer months and ice roads during the winter. Overthe last three years, the Sioux Hudson Literacy Council has been offeringsolutions for the literacy learner at a distance with a unique website withdirect links to synchronous online classrooms and offers a solution to thegrowing number of Indigenous learners who have little or no education.

Presenter: Michelle Eady is the DistanceProjects Coordinator for the Sioux Hudson Literacy Council in Sioux Lookout,Ontario, Canada and a Ph D Candidate at the University of Wollongong, NSW.

More details and registration at http://www.acal.edu.au/litlive.htm  


7. Development ofthe Western Australian Adult Community Education Strategy: 2009 - 2013

The Departmentof Education and Training, with the support of its Adult Community EducationAdvisory Committee, invites contributions to the review and development of WA’sAdult Community Education Strategy 2009-2013. All feedback must be received by1 September 2008.  The discussionpaper is available on-line at: www.vetinfonet.det.wa.edu.au



8. Unsubscribe?

If you don't want to receive thisnewsletter or wish to suspend it while you are away on leave, please email theWAALC secretary, Sheila Rod [sherod_au@yahoo.com.au].


9. New members?

Who do you know that should be a WAALCmember?  You are welcome to forward this newsletterto colleagues who you think should be a member of WAALC.  Or perhaps invite a prospective memberto attend events like our conference and AGM to meet other members.


10. Issues?Contributions?

WAALC seeks to represent all adulteducators who deliver adult literacy and numeracy programs in WesternAustralia.  If there are issuesthat you think WAALC should take action on, let us know. 


11. ‘Contacts’update

Let us know if your address changesthrough one of the contact methods listed below. 


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