e-WAALC NEWS August 2007

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1)       A report from the AGM and conference

2)      The Human Rights Bill Consultation

3)      ACAL Conference in New Zealand!

4)      Financial literacy

5)      VET reforms affecting literacy and numeracy

6)      New members?

7)      ‘Contacts’ update

8)      Financial literacy

9)      Unsubscribe?

10)   Issues? Contributions?

1.  A report from the AGM and conference

Firstly welcome to our new Committee.  Thank you tour  new committee members for putting your hand up to join the executive:  Maxine Tomlin, Claire Anderson and Anne Willox have ensured that we have TAFE representation at both metropolitan and regional level on the WAALC executive for the coming year.  And welcome back to  Paul Barnes, Melissa Jones, Cheryl Wiltshire, Helen Grimston, Lesley Gilmour, Margaret McHugh and Sheila Rod who continue to volunteer their time and skills to support our work.  I am confident we have a strong team for the year ahead. 

On behalf of all members I would also like to acknowledge the excellent work of our past President Carmel Jennings, Secretary Robyn Rennie and ACAL representative Dr Jim Plumridge.  Carmel thankfully is remaining on the executive and no doubt I will be calling upon her sound advice.

Thank you also to the 2006/2007 committee and their family and friends for their hard work at ensuring a successful 2007 Annual Conference and to the many presenters who once again volunteered to offer sessions at the conference. A special mention to   Debbie Soccio secretary of ACAL who travelled from Melbourne to present and  Robyn Quarmby from the Financial Literacy Foundation all the way from Canberra.

We had strong sponsorship and support for the conference once again this year.  The time, facilities and other donations allow us to keep the registration fees low and the conference  accessible to those organisations and individuals  that have little spare income. This year’s contributions were received from:

§         Central TAFE

§         Centacare Employment and Training

§         Community Adult Literacy Foundation

§         The Language Centre

§         Heaven Sent Catering of Manners Training Restaurant

§         ACAL

§         VET Teaching and Learning, DET

§         Borders

A brief introduction to me!  I have been a member of WAALC since 1996 and became a member of the WAALC executive committee in 2006.  I am a coordinator (volunteer) for the Read Write Now Adult Literacy program in the Rockingham Kwinana region since putting my hand up in 1995.  I continue to be amazed at the varying attitudes and perceptions of both community and governments to adult literacy and I hope that my small contribution will make a difference.

Sue McKay

WAALC Chairperson


2. Submission to the consultation on the WA Human Rights Bill

Have you heard that legislation is being developed to create a Human Rights Bill for Western Australians?  The WAALC Executive team is working on a submission to argue for the inclusion of he right to a basic education for all.  We believe that  this would increase awareness of the importance and value of having a basic level of education and provision for adults as well as children.  Additionally, it may provide a way to influence government’s commitment to long term funding for adult education.

The consultation period closes on August 31. If you would like to help draft our submission,  please contact Melissa Jones at  melissa@iinet.net .au  Let her know if you could join into a virtual meeting on Literacy Live on Tuesday 21st August at 8.00pm or whether you can help in another way.   We would like to include interested students so also let us know if you work with a group who might like to  contribute or make their own submission.

If you would like to know more about the WA Human Rights Bill you can visit http://www.humanrights.wa.gov.au/


3.  ACAL Conference in New Zealand!

The conference the power of and which ACAL is co-hosting with three New Zealand organisations is very soon now.  The programme has come together well and can be viewed at http://www.workbase.org.nz/Conference/Article.aspx?ID=589  Abstracts for all of the concurrent sessions running on both days of the Conference are now available.  In addition to keynote presentations, there will be forty interactive sessions for delegates to choose from, focusing on adult literacy, numeracy and language in a variety on contexts.


4. Financial literacy

The July newsletter of the Educators and Trainers Financial Literacy Network Newsletter put out by the Australian Government's Financial Literacy Foundation is available at http://www.understandingmoney.gov.au/content/education/Network/default.aspx


5. VET reforms affecting literacy and numeracy

At a national meeting next week, ACE stakeholders will consider a report drafted by DEST that reviews progress on the 2002 Ministerial Declaration on ACE and makes recommendations for COAG about the future of ACE.  This is the next step following on from the earlier DEST discussion paper National Reform and Community Education that proposed adult literacy and numeracy provision at the lower levels should be designated the exclusive province of ACE.


6. ‘Contacts’ update

Let us know if your address changes through one of the contact methods listed below. 


7. Unsubscribe?

If you don't want to receive this newsletter or wish to suspend it while you are away on leave, please email the WAALC secretary, Sheila Rod [].  Back issues will be available on the WAALC website for you to catch up when you return.


8. New members?

Who do you know that should be a WAALC member?  You are welcome to forward this newsletter to colleagues who you think should be a member of WAALC.  Or perhaps invite a prospective member to attend events like our conference to meet other members.


9. Issues? Contributions?

WAALC seeks to represent all adult educators who deliver adult literacy and numeracy programs in Western Australia.  If there are issues that you think WAALC should take action on, let us know. 

Contributions to this newsletter are very welcome.  Good news, bad news, whatever you think others might want to know, send it in! 



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